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        Zhejiang GuYueHu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.
        Address: Fangtang Shimomura East Street£¨Yongkang£¨Zhejiang£¨China.
        TEL: 0086-0579-87210409
        Phone: 0086-13566792218
        ZIP: 321300
        Website: http://www.zgaly.com
        Zhejiang GuYueHu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd. mainly producing "SUCA" tapetool ,grafting machine ,paddy harvester and other agriculture machinery. Mainly includes: Brush cutter,Hedgerow machine£¨long length branch cutter£¨Tree-planting machine,chain saw£¨Hedge Trimmer£¨single man harvester£¨sugarcane reaping machine£¨Small rotary cultivator machine etc. Our company is consistently upholding the operating tenet of "best quality£¨excellent service" . Relying on high quality products£¨good reputation£¨excellent service£¨we heartedly desire we\'d like to have win-win cooperation and create magnificent future with the  domestic and foreign merchants£¨at the same time£¨development  and create magnificent future together !
        Hand tying tape machine tapetool
        Packaging & Delivery
        Packaging Detail: 1pc/color box; 20pcs/carton 
        Delivery Detail within 15days
        new design£¨with competitive price: 
        1)£¨only 0.6kg 
        2)£¨saving time and labour 
        3)£¨easy to operate 
        4)£¨easy to take
        Tape binder;
        Vine tying machine;
        Hand tying machine;
        We sometimes also call it: vine tapetool£¨plant fixing machine£¨hand tying machine.
        The "SUCA" tapetool machine is used for attaching and binding various types of plants to stakes and trellising wires.
        It can fix the vine of plant such as tomato£¨cucumber£¨grape,capsicum ect.
        In the past£¨if farmers want to fix the vine of tomato£¨cucumber£¨grape on the bracket£¨we usually use hand to fix with high labour intensity and low efficiency £¨and the fixing material used like hemp rope or avulsion belt£¨they are easily hurt the vine.
        This new type tapetool with plastic belt as the binding material and stitching needles to fix the belt. Farmers can operate it with only one hand. Tapetool is easy to operate and convenient to take £¨it works with high efficiency and would not hurt the plant.
        1£¨Labour saving: it can bind 3-4times more plant than by hand in a unit time.
        2£¨Time saving: it cost less time£¨so when farmers busy with the planting £¨we can have more time to do the other things like sprinkle. And we also increase the plant area because of it\'s high efficiency.
        Tapetool for fruit£¨ tape tool in agriculture£¨ tape tool for flower£¨tape binder for grape£¨flower binding tapetool£¨ new model tape binder,tapetool for fruit,tapetool
        2013 newest design £¨no scrap£¨easier to operate£¨tape binder and tape machine£¨tape tool £¨hand tying machine,flower tape machine.
        Copyright © Zhejiang GuYueHu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.       All Rights Reserved.
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